How does my employer furlough me?

Employers should write to employees seeking their agreement to temporarily vary the contract of employment.  Employees are agreeing not to work for the period of furlough; and agreeing to be paid 80% of their normal salary (unless their salary is being topped up to 100%).  The paperwork should [...]

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Who is eligible for the scheme?

Employees on PAYE payroll on or before 19th March 2020; and which were notified to HMRC on an RTI submission on or before 19th March 2020;  Employees that were employed as of 28th February 2020 and on payroll and were made redundant or stopped working for the employer [...]

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What is the furlough scheme?

It is a government scheme called the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme that has been set up to help businesses impacted by COVID-19. It enables staff to be furloughed from work (a temporary leave of absence) rather than being made redundant or laid off. Employers can then claim back [...]

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